What does Mick Jagger’s eighth child look like, who was born when he was 73 years old?

Mick Jagger leads The Rolling Stones, a rock and roll icon whose name appears in two Lobbies of Notoriety — the Exhibition hall of Shake and Roll and the National Music of Awesome Britain.

The 78-year-old British man has eight children. Today, Devereux, the youngest child of the performer, will become more familiar to us.

On December 8, 2016, Octavian Basil was born. The name Octavian implies “the eighth.” Melanie Hamrick, a ballet dancer, is the child’s mother; Mick Jagger has been in a seven-year relationship with her and appears to have decided to settle down permanently. After the birth of the eighth child, Mick decides to start a family with the boy’s mother and makes a commitment to her.

The performer has four sons and three daughters from previous relationships with five different women. Because he has five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter who is approximately two generations older than his youngest child, Mick may also be a wealthy grandpa. The reason why all of his grandchildren address him as “you” is because the Shake Star dislikes feeling old and being behind schedule.

Internet users who have viewed images of the child have observed that Devoro resembles his father as a child. In fact, some experts describe the child as the “exact clone” of his father.

How adorable! Commentators type phrases such as “How similar to his father!” and “A pampered child with the face of a rock star,” among others.

According to widely circulated photographs, the musician’s child has inherited Mick’s bright blue eyes, lip shape, and thick, light hair. It is also evident that the frontman’s youngest child was creative from birth, as he poses for photographs with ease.

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What does Mick Jagger’s eighth child look like, who was born when he was 73 years old?
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