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The crowd laughs at the big guy about to swing — but when the music starts…
When John Lindo took to the stage with partner Deborah Szekely in West Coast Swing competitions in the
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Grandpa with red hair and long hair. In the latest video, Douglas, who is 78, is hardly recognisable.
It’s hard to think that Michael Douglas turned 78 years old. Several of our subscribers have probably
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Stunning breasts and a beaming smile: Airport photographers captured Angelina Jolie
Why is the actress, 47, so depressed and pale? What’s the connection between Brad Pitt’s happiness and this?
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These Siamese twins were separated at 4 and are now 18. How are they now living?
In late winter 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin had two girls, Kendra and Malia. This event caused mixed feelings
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The shy 15-year-old boy sounds EXACTLY like Michael Jackson.
It’s difficult to audition in front of four judges and a couple of hundred strangers. This 15-year-old
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The Voice’s 2-year-old singing baby STEALS the show… VIDEO
While all eyes were on singer Rebecca Selley during her blind audition, her baby JJ and his performance
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Meet Rumeysa, the tallest woman on Earth
This is the true story of a young woman who is the tallest in the world. Through her platform, the woman
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A stunning impromptu performance of ‘Unchained Melody’ by an 81-year-old wows a nursing home.
No one expected 81-year-old Dave Williams to sing a proper tune when he took the microphone to sing at
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16-year-old ‘Got Talent’ contestant proves Simon Cowell wrong with “Let It Go”
When Disney released Frozen, the whole world was not ready for sisters Elsa and Anna and how they renamed
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Simon Thinks Girl Is Crazy For Trying ‘Worst Song Ever’ – Until He Hears First Note
“X Factor UK candidate Gamu Nhengu captures Simon Cowell’s attention and breathes fresh life into a song
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Simon Cowell was moved to tears by stirring performances…
Britain’s Got Talent, like its American counterpart, isn’t afraid to play with viewers’ emotions.
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The boy and girl dance to Footloose and leave the judges speechless
Paige Glenn, then 8, and Artyon Celestine, then 9, astonished the America’s Got Talent judges in 2017