On ‘America’s Got Talent,’ a 13-year-‘Hard old’s To Handle’ act wins the Golden Buzzer.

This gal is one of my favorites because she embodies the old adage, “Dance and sings like no one is looking!” It simply goes to show that if you do that and stay true to yourself, you can go a long way on America’s Got Talent.

Please welcome Courtney Hadwin, who gave a remarkable performance. You should keep that name in mind because you’ll be hearing a lot more from this incredibly brilliant young lady.

This AGT candidate stunned the judges with an epic rendition of the ever-popular, instantly recognizable 1968 classic ‘Hard to Handle.’ When Howie Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer, the incredible teen burst into tears.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most memorable performances on America’s Got Talent to date since it is such a surprise. Nobody would guess that this 13-year-old girl has pipes to rival Janis Joplin.

Yes, I did say Janis Joplin. That may be a stretch, but let me tell you something: I’m not alone. Everyone says she sounds exactly like a famous singer. Judge Howie Mandel concurs. The audio likeness is more than astonishing; it’s spooky. Mandel describes Courtney Hadwin as “out of this period.” That is correct.

On Tuesday night (June 12), the 13-year-old vocalist appeared on millions of TV sets across America, and her singing abilities were so impressive that Howie Mandel hit the golden buzzer following the audition. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Simon Cowell couldn’t stop himself.

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On ‘America’s Got Talent,’ a 13-year-‘Hard old’s To Handle’ act wins the Golden Buzzer.
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