Giant and Thumbelina. How the life of an atypical couple 180kg guy and 56kg girl is going

Giant and Thumbelina. How the life of an atypical couple 180kg guy and 56kg girl is going

The character of Hafthor Bjornsson is related with the cultus series of whole the time “Game of Thrones” and the magnetic character of Gregor Clegane, nicknamed Horus.

He has more than 1 k apprentices on his Instagram, and the stimulating proportion of this able-bodied human race worries all the more Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The actor’s height is 2. 06 m, his weight is 180 kg. Haftor was born in a family of professional athletes, so he has been working tough in sports since childhood. At 1st it was basketball, on the other hand afterwards a knee damage Bjornsson became fascinated in weightlifting.

He became the strongest male in his motherland thrice, and in 2014 he conquered the comprehensive European continent. Hafthor Bjornsson is a aggregate winner of the name “The strongest male on the planet” In 2013, the inventor of Game of Thrones noticed him and invited him to the casting. When at the audition, the strongman raised the male from the set with individual hand, all distrusts about Gore’s character at the moment disappeared.

This is how the interview met the inimitable Hafthor Bjornsson in the 4th season of the cultus series Game of Thrones. In the hands of his character, a sword 165 cm far-reaching corresponds to the height of Serbia.Tiny is recognized about Hafthor Bjornsson’s private life. He has a daughter, on the other hand the strongman is not formally married to the girl’s mother, besides.

Since 2017, the actor’s heart has been busy. Her elect 1 was a slender Canadian student Kelsey Henson, who, unitedly with her lover, adheres to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. They met in a bar where the female worked as a waitress. It all started with an autograph from an idol and ended with a stamp in the passport. Kelsey’s height is just 155 cm (she weighs 56 kg), yet her elect 1gets a height of 206 cm. Altogether the joint photos, thispartners looks like “Giant and Thumbelina” Hafthor and Kelsey are already used to increased carefulness from the outside, on the other hand they largely block tactless followers on social networks. Not so far-reaching ago, the lovers formally signed. In their leisure time, they visit the gym unitedly they look extremely comical.

The female is furthermore in love with sports, she could elevate a barbell weighing 115 kg. Without training, they cannot imagine their life – on the equivalent wavelength. Kelsey is not working still she graduated from a Canadian university.

Afterwards Game of Thrones, the artist carried on to play entertainments and accomplish latest victories at the international level.

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Giant and Thumbelina. How the life of an atypical couple 180kg guy and 56kg girl is going
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